About Us

tStake.io was founded by veteran Theta and Tfuel community members wishing to contribute to the security of Theta blockchain by allowing a more even distribution of staked tokens to a greater number of Guardian and Elite Edge Nodes. We have been with the Theta blockchain since its beginning and created Theta Man to tell our story.

Theta Man had a dream to help secure the Theta network. He looked around and one Guardian Node controlled 33% of all the Theta staked and one staking service controlled 50% of all the Tfuel staked. He thought to himself, "This isn't right, I have to help this become more distributed."
He planned diligently, searching the internet for solutions looking at other staking cryptos and asking himself. "What can I do to solve this problem?"
Theta Man worked day and night to come up with a solution. Then it hit him, "I need to create a Guardian Node and let others stake to it. This will help distribute Theta more evenly accross more nodes." Then he thought, "Now what about Edge nodes?"
He went out and started building and designing struggling through the hours and hours of tech jargon. Then he was able to launch his first node. Now he thought, "How to tell people about it?" So he built tStake.io a site that helps people all over the world stake their Theta and Tfuel.
Then he thought, "One node isn't enough, I need to add a clone of the first Guardian Node on another continent." This will ensure flawless and uninterrupted operation for maximizing staking rewards. Theta Man then set out to help people stake their Tfuel and he setup over 100 Edge Nodes to start with.
Now Theta Man asks for your help to better distribute the Theta blockchain across different Guardian Nodes and Elite Edge Nodes.
Theta Man thought, "When I get 5 million Theta staked to my Guardian Node I vow to setup another clone in Singapore. When I get 20 million Theta staked to my Guardian Node I vow to setup another clone in Australia. When I get 40 million Theta staked to my Guardian Node I vow to setup another clone in Japan."
Join us in our quest of assisting the Theta blockchain in achieving worldwide recognition and becoming a dominant blockchain player, providing services to major content streaming companies and the most prominent global artists. Stake your Theta and Tfuel today with tStake.io!

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