Effective 11/11/2023: Tstake.io has shut down Tfuel staking. We continue to offer Theta staking on our Guardian Nodes and have no plans to stop. We would like to thank our supports over the last two years. The cost to maintain equipment for 115 Elite Edge Nodes while only utilizing 17 of those nodes has lead to our decision to end Tfuel staking services. We have reached out to Theta Next and they have told us that they can handle picking up all our user's Tfuel stakes. If you would like to keep in the spirit of helping to decentralize Tfuel staking we recommend http://www.thetanext.com Once again Thank You for supporting us in this journey!!!

If you would like to keep earning Tfuel staking rewards by staking your Tfuel you will need to unstake your Tfuel from one of our 17 Edge Nodes and stake to an active Elite Edge Node.

Tfuel Staking has ended. Please unstake your Tfuel and stake it to an active elite edge node. The edge node address we used are listed below to help you unstake. If you need further support unstaking your Tfuel reach out to Thetanext or tstake.io on our Discord channel.

You can also find directions here: https://thetaboard.io/assets/pdf/How_to_WITHDRAW_stake.pdf

Node 1 address: 0x3e1dadd52e74f4c3a09dcf706b37d5168ff098cf

Node 2 address: 0x94696DE9fB4c4FDBfA3310aE69C4cA904f272De4

Node 3 address: 0x1c8c9d87fa5a14f67c6b38009c5ec5827c961fd6

Node 4 address: 0x65df801b108b5bfbc2923e93a3712ab7647e0ed3

Node 5 address: 0x407cf13b464f2b4f579c8aa8c0451210aea42fe3

Node 6 address: 0xc23aa7d514bab6dc46a0ab88c03f7e06fe6de971

Node 7 address: 0x631b28e0e2eb876a73d7aba21429d1e618c97307

Node 8 address: 0x03c30ee052a3d3050d71f7387a68d80fda19d436

Node 9 address: 0x591e2c6bd5ce5cc06360f154499aedfaaf93985e

Node 10 address: 0xe7dd2780b71820f0f3837fb43fc54bf786bda5b9

Node 11 address: 0xb00c5b31433c0b5617dd9c2806438eaaa0e024d5

Node 12 address: 0xbcf7f6f7818b6a170e023165920f75ca4149d3f3

Node 13 address: 0xc763d4f66b54a2cafd3309830f6be12a12421740

Node 14 address: 0x0a03fe5ee1503c133309ef43c8ee4257a38e513b

Node 15 address: 0x62589ed66d18650ec11edd46a6e933c59a8ff837

Node 16 address: 0xfe97d18d16dde03a288f85ad51150b0f2b8fa1ea

Node 17 address: 0xabe589f250ad6daf0888f8cca7863001600e44d8

Node 18 address: 0x369dfdd7d6ffd79c42c1ed8b0095b9da22b841c7